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Race Recap – Brazen Racing: Diablo Trails Challenge

My 7th Brazen Race for this year was the Diablo Trails Challenge 5k. I have nineteen races left until I’m an Official Brazen Streaker! Twenty, if they have the New Event on 10/18. Anyway, Brazen teams up with Save Mount Diablo twice a year (Diablo Trails Challenge and Diablo Trail Adventure) to bring awareness to the Mountain and also proceeds go to the Save Mt. Diablo fund which helps preserve the beauty of it….and by George! It is a beauty!

Diablo is pretty much in my backyard so I got to “sleep in” (4:45 count as sleeping in?) since Jwas coming out my way. Brazen doesn’t have very many events in my neck of the woods but when they do I try to take full advantage the extra hour and a half I would get….but its race day and who can sleep?

J arrived a little early because she was an excited race day speed demon (She did say she drove fast!), so I made her wait because I had to finish cooking my breakfast. I can’t tackle a Mountain (even though the 5k was pretty much just at the base of the mountain and only a 588′ gain/loss) without a hardy breakfast, now can I? After I was all fueled up we left my house and drive a few miles down the road, saw a rainbow peeking through the clouds…..

I knew it was going to be a great day! and arrived at Castle Rock just in time to get one of the few remaining spots in the parking lot. It’s a lot easier to park at Castle Rock rather than 2-3 miles down the road at the school and catch the shuttle.

I figured we had at least an hour and a half until race start, so we casually walked over to the staging area to get our bibs. Boy! Was it windy!

I could blame my slow time on the wind? Ya know..going against the wind and it caused resistance and all? But alas…I’ll own up to my slowness. I just get to enjoy the scenery longer than the rest of you. Are you jealous? J decided that she wanted to upgrade to the 10k since her Dipsea training plan called for 5 miles, so we did that and walked backed to the car to get our stuff ready.

On our way back to the car, a few people were loading up a car with some supplies for one of the aid stations. I glance over and see that it was Big D!


I stopped and asked, “So you guys ready to volunteer?” Big D turns around and it was one of those priceless moments. The one where he doesn’t realize whose talking and then it clicks and its like…”OH HEY!! WHAT’S UP!” I gave him a handshake and hug then introduced him to J. Which, I also just realized that I officially introduced him to J (Her real name rather than the safety purposes name of “J”) but I never officially introduced myself to him. As far as I know, he just knows me as Attempted Runner. That’s a little weird. Big D, look out for an email from me…get a few formalities out of the way. Ha Ha. He was volunteering for the 50k (at mile 28), so he was pretty much going to be out there ALL DAY! I give him big props for that. I would get so hungry. I’d have like 4 lunches packed just for myself. But then I’d also have to pee at some point. Anyway…even though I didn’t run the 50k, I still wanted to say Thanks Big D for all your help! I know the runners appreciated you being out there whole heartedly!

We get back to the car and get our stuff together and notice we only have 1/2 hour to start. Rather than staying out of the crazy wind, we trek it back to the staging area with enough time for J to prepare and line up. I wished her luck (She was nervous for some reason to go 6.2 miles on Mt. Diablo. I laughed and said, “You just did 10.5 on Dipsea! THIS IS NOTHING!”. I went over to hang out by the Sheriff’s Department S&R team…

THANKS FOR BEING OUT THERE TOO!!! Just glad we didn’t have to use you at all!

…and waited to take a few photos of J. She usually runs the same distance and finishes befor me, so we always have my finish line photos but nothing of her…This time I took care of it.

Normally, the gap between each race group is about 15 minutes or so but I think with the course they stretched us out to every 30 minutes. I had PLENTY of time. I went and sat in the sun, did a few stretches and gave my bag to the ladies at Bag Check. I enjoyed the sun..

…did a few more stretches since everything still was sore from the Cross Country Skiers Lunge, the Squats and the bicycle ride I did the day’s prior. Never do leg work within 48 hours of a race. Not ideal. I people watched for a bit and found the “goal maker.”

It may be bad of me to do, but I usually pick someone out of the crowd that I make as my “goal maker.” The Goal……to finish the race before that person.:::shrugs:: What can I say? I’m a mean horrible person for doing it? Eh…We all have our flaws and Goals are meant to be accomplished. If it keeps me moving…I’ll continue to do it!

It was about 5 minutes to start time and I went and lined up towards the back of the “middle” section. Around 60% of the way back maybe? I noticed Goal Maker was standing in the same area that I was and I gave the “GAME ON!” face. Mr. Brazen told us the course record was 20 minutes, but suggested we take our time and get our monies worth and double it for 40 minutes. I laugh every time he says that. He then said, “SHOOT! Triple it! Go for an hour!” I really laughed at that. Mr. Brazen is so funny.

I started up Garfield and got GPS relatively quickly, started dancing a little because Flogging Molly was playing on my Ipod but to also get my blood flowing. Mrs. Brazen sounded the horn and off I went. I didn’t go out quickly or anything. I usually get stuck behind people so I just took it easy. That and my sore legs didn’t help a whole lot. I saw that Goal Maker was a little ahead of me and thought…”Oooooh! I picked a good one!”

I reached the first bend in the course about .18 miles in when Goal Maker started walking. I kept on going because I knew the hill was coming up and that was what would slow me down because of the DOMS. I ran up it the hill and eventually stopped to walk the last 25% of it up because I had to fix my shorts. I planned on wearing the shorts at Dipsea, but after finding out that they ride up there is no way in hell that’s gonna happen! Party Fail!  My legs began to hurt (muscles, not chaffing from my shorts, just so we’re clear) and I was certain that I was at least to the first mile. I looked at Garfield, .45 miles. I wasn’t even at a 1/2 mile yet!!

I figured it was going to be a tough one.

The course flattened out with a few very small rolling hills. I continued to run those and stopped to walk for 10-20 seconds. I don’t remember if I hit the aid station first or if I hit the creek first, but the aid station, I passed up. The Creek, everyone was waiting to go walk along the rocks or the dirt path but I just ran obnoxiously through the middle of it. I may have splashed people. There goes me being a horrible person again. HAHA.

I made it to the turn around and my legs FINALLY felt warmed up. I kinda went into my own little world for a bit before I snapped back to reality when I heard, “WATER, SPORTS DRINK, WATER, SPORTS DRINK!” I grabbed the sports drink, gulped it down then carried on my merry way. I went splashing through the creek again (The creek came before the aid station, in case you didn’t get that).

As I was running back, I passed Goal Maker as she was still going in. I guess she ended up walking the entire thing….She wasn’t a good Goal Maker to pick…but at least I came in before her. Oh and J, based on the photos and math, you passed Goal Maker too.

About 2.5 miles in, I was doing well. I only had a little ways to go and I still had enough time to make it under 40 minutes.

Then my right knee started to tingle. REALLY? I mean COME ON!! Can’t I catch a break? Although, my Hip Flexor didn’t hurt not one bit during the whole run!!! I still pushed through and had about 1/4 mile to go and thought I could make it. But then what I dubbed, Billy Goats Gruff, came up and I slowed down. The terrain became rocky. Its not really gravelly or dirt, its just rock. I ran up a little bit but eventually walked. I didn’t want to slip. Then on the down hill, it gets gravelly so although I ran it, I went slow cause I didn’t want to fall and have my arms/legs all scratched up. Scars are pretty awesome, but i wasn’t feeling it.
I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to die without any scars. – Tyler.

I got back down to that flat part and reached the first bend, heard the music playing and picked up the pace! I didn’t make it under 40 minutes (time of 42:03 for 3.13 miles).

It’s starting to really upset me that after all these years, I’m still around the 12:30 minute miles. J did remind me that I haven’t been running for pretty much three months because of my Hip Flexor Strain, so to come out and run Mt. Diablo around the same finishing time I have for the flat, less hilly courses was something to be proud of.  I mean it is something to look at, but I just hoped I would be somewhere completely different by now. I was doing great and in August hit my fastest 5k at 38 minutes. I was expecting to just continue to go faster! At least to 35-36 minutes. I’m not trying to be Pre, Bolt, Dr. Awesome or anything.. but ugh! It’s just Frustrating. I’ll stop bitching though.

Anyway…I finished my run, grabbed my medal and picked up my bag from sweat check. I drank my Chocolate milk (because I don’t “race” without one…its like my victory drink) then plopped down waiting for J and sulking in my own self pity for not doing better. I saw J’s neon pants, so I got up to take her finish line photos. I was proud of her. 


We went over to get her some salt and fluids, took a phew post race photos, talked with SC & AG (AG’s already a streaker, but SC is attempting it too!). I also did my #sweataday challenege on the basketball court. J also took a “sexy” photo of me…..

Slow Hand BBQ was out catering the event (50k runners got free lunch, everyone else had to buy tickets) but since it wasn’t gluten free, we left Mt. Diablo and went over to Lucille’s BBQ for lunch. I seriously love that place. Top 4 favorite places to eat!

Pretend this is a picture of my lunch. I always forget to take those photos. It’s only after I scarf it down that I remember. By then…it’s too late.

When we finished up our meals and after giving our waiter a hard time, J drove me home. I was still a little bummed out (can you tell I give myself a hard time about things?) but I couldn’t dwell on it. I had another BBQ to plan for (In Laws where coming over for dinner).

I did end up chatting (Can you use the term chatting if it was via text?) with a friend which made me feel a little better because I got the giggle fits. Then I ended up feeling even more better when it made me come up with the bloody brilliant idea of Selfie Bombs.

That cracked me up, like no other and then I let all the hard feelings about my run disappear. I can’t help be erase the bad when I’m giggling now can I?

For Selfie Bombs, I decided that when strangers people ask me to take a picture of them with there phone….this happens a lot on race days and at Disneyland and such…..I’ll fully comply with their request but I’ll take two photos for them. The first, I’ll switch the camera to front facing, snap a photo with something similar to this…..



…Then switch it back to forward facing camera and say…”ok let me take one at this angle” (turn the phone) and then take their picture. That way, when I say, “You want to check it to make sure its ok?” They’ll see the normal photo of them. The fun doesn’t begin until later on when they scroll through their photo feed and see me….and say….”What The…..?” Maybe they’ll laugh too….maybe they won’t. Maybe it’s just a lot funnier in my head.

So anyone reading this from Brazen Runs…you’ve been warned!

Wordless Wednesday: That time I hiked 10.5 miles on the Dipsea Trail.








Got some #sweataday action in there.






I was able to do snot rockets like a pro by the time I got back to the car.




I’ve gone batshit crazy.
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I was going to post my own rendition of a weekly recap and was going to title, “Round it up Wednesday” or “wrap it up Wednesday.” I wasn’t sure which one was more clever but then things happened and I got side tracked and never wrote it. Then….I decided I can do it today but dub it batshit crazy, because that it was I’ve become after watching a few YouTube videos on an upcomming Half that was probably the worst mistake I’ve make this month.


I went to a 1 year olds first birthday. It was plenty entertaining and E had nachos so that made it my kinda party. After that bday, I went to watch Divergent. I had no clue what the movie was about and just suspected it was going to be another horrible sci fi young adult flick but it actually was pretty good. I think I’ll read the books because as always….the book was better.


I rode my bicycle 14 miles, like two weeks ago. It’s old news but still worth sharing. Considering I could barely go 2 miles a few years ago.


I did a strength workout with resistance bands the other day. Those things, for being flimsy pieces of rubber, sure kick my butt. See the flushed cheeks? That’s not photoshopped. It was worse but I laid there for a bit before taking a much loathed loved selfie. Just know, I don’t do them often.


I was reminded how I can’t pee in peace. The monster squad is always around. Jesse just stared at me. I told him to “Get outta here, weirdo.” Then Milo comes prancing in and watched me.


Maybe I should shut the door when I use the toilet?

Then….I went batshit crazy. Brazen Racing has hooked up with DSE and will be hosting the Double Dipsea trail run. Me, trying to be a streaker……with a strained hip flexor…..signed up. What you don’t know is that 1. What the eff was I thinking? 2. Even with the handicap start, I don’t think I’m going to finish unless Mr. Brazen helps a girl out and releases an early….way early hiker starts. Maybe he’ll let me start with the 80+ women age group.  Gonna need time here people!!!

I don’t know what came over me and signed me up other than being bat shit crazy except that an official streaker number for life is pretty epic. I’d cherish that to know end.

This Saturday I’ll be hiking a few miles of the Dipsea trail and I’m pretty sure my vocabulary will become pretty vulgar each step of the way.

Someone by the YouTube name, LBWelch has four videos. Go watch them…see how nuts I am for attenping this and then watch the videos again but pretend it’s reverse because the double dipsea race means I have to do the trail twice to make 13.7 miles.

Kill me now.
LBWelch videos for Dipsea are titled:
Diodes – Cardiac to Stinson Beach.
- Ascent up Dynamite to Cardiac.
-Descent to Suicide.
- Dipsea starts.
With names like insult hill, cardiac hill and suicide….just kill me now.
Here’s the link to the stairs…all 687 of them that I have to go down…then turn around and go right back up.

Dipsea Stairs:

Race Recap: Brazen Racing – Lagoon Valley

I PR’ed at 26:14.

April fools!!!

I did PR for this course though, but we’ll get to that later.

Lagoon Valley trail run has a Goonies theme so how could I not participate? Being a child of the the 80s and being a Goonie was my childhood dream….A Brazen Goonie is the closets I could get, so I was all in.

I woke up with excitement since the weather did call for rain. At first I laughed hysterically, because the hourly forecast had a break in the rain during the exact time that, yep, you guessed it…I would be running. I figured it would still be wet out, just like it was that day in Astoria when the Goonies went on their adventure for One Eyed Willy’s Treasure.

Lagoon Valley is in my general area which meant I finally didn’t have to be the one to wake up super early, just to meet with J before heading to the race location. SHE had to get up earlier to meet me at my house this time. I adore an extra hour of sleep. Just another reason why Lagoon Valley is a good race.

The weather still looked decent but I did know it was going to eventually rain. I packed my gear bag accordingly, with plastic baggies (for the cellphone/ipod in the water resistant, but not water proof hydration belt), extra socks, pants, sweatshirts…the whole shebang! While I was making my breakfast and applying the last few strips of KT Tape, my sister arrived.

As we loaded up the car and set out on our adventure it started to sprinkle. As we crossed the bridge, it rained a little heavier but still decent. Making our way into Vacaville it retruned to a sprinkle. We entered Lagoon Valley park, took a picture of some geese and parked in the dirt lot.

While sitting in the car, getting things situated it started to rain a little more than a sprinkle. By the time we exited the car and walked to the starting line it was dumping rain!!

It was now 8:40am and Mr. Brazen sent the 5k runners on our way. About 200 feet in, I told J, “Look, I’m running and it’s raining!!!” And it didn’t stop raining for my entire run. I finally got to experience running in the rain!

With the first 1/8th mile, I couldn’t decide if I wanted my jackets hood on or off. I had a visor that kept my face water free, but I wasn’t sure about my head. I put the hood on, and the swishy noises of it were too loud, so I took it off. I ran a bit and took it off. I put it bck in, but the swishes were still too loud and annoying so I took it off. I did this for the whole first mile.

I started getting hot and contemplated just taking my Nike Vapor jacket off. I rolled up the sleeves instead. I figured if my chest stayed dry, I should be able to fend off a cold. I was also wearing my new, New Balance 860v4 Trail shoes, and since I like them. A lot.

While others ran on the side of the trail, more in the grass, I ran more in the dirt part as I felt my shoes gave good traction control. I only moved over to the grassy part when the mud turned more into slippery clay like mud.

I didn’t need to fall….again.

The first two miles are pretty much flat. Elevation gain/loss of like 10ft. Then at the water stop (2.2 miles) there’s this hill.

They call it, Megalodon.

It’s a heck of a hill, you go up 320′ feet all within .20 miles. I remember last year, my first year doing Lagoon Valley…Megalodon didn’t look very big or intimidating from the starting line. As I approached last year, I tried to run up it, got like 10ft up and had to walk. I stopped a few times, I walked up backwards, I finally got to the top and I was so out of breath and gasping for air, you would think I would have died right there…and then I had to walk up the hardest three stairs of my life, just to go up hill a little more. That was when I really did die.

This year, I reached the aid station, took a sports drink from the volunteer and began my accent. I ran halfway up this time! I walked the rest but didn’t need to stop. I took the (3) stairs like a pro and started to run up the second half, however it was really slippery so I had to follow the leader into the grass. I couldn’t pass because 1. It was slippery and 2. I was a vagina for not passing because I started having the bad ass half and 10k runners pass me up in the slippery middle part.

Anyway, I think I did rather well, compared to last year, on the hill. The rain and wind picked up and it was raining hard. I still couldn’t decide between sleeves up, hood up, sleeves down, hood down….I think at one point, one sleeve up rolled up and one rolled down. I’m so wishy washy.

I ran the flat section and got to the downhill, called Selkies. Which could have been renamed to slickies, because it was slick! Data must have tested out his slick shoes. I rotatated between a fast walk and careful-don’t-fall-down walk on the descent.

Again, I totally approve of my NB trail shoes because I felt so confident going down!! Once I hit the bottom of the hill, I had to go back up the paved road, dubbed Lochness. Another up!! I ran halfway then stopped to walk. My hip flexor started to ache (I made it 2.8 miles this time!). I approached, “Never Say Die,” and just ran into the finish! I didn’t make any PRs or world stopping records, but I did do this course almost 2 minutes faster than last year. 2 minutes doesn’t seem like that much of a big deal, bit considering last year was dry as bone and I was able to run the down hill and this year was rainy, muddy, slippery and I had to walk the down, I think I did better.
After grabbing my finishers medal, meeting up with J , grabbing a banana and taking the finishers photo we went back to the car. Keep in mind it’s now been roughly 2 hours of heavy rain since we parked in that dirt lot.

We got back to the car, in the now muddy lot, with people getting their cars stuck. J has a low to the ground, none 4wheel drive sports car so with a little direction, yelling and saying “Weeeeee!!” while sliding, We got out of the muddy parking lot without getting stuck or hitting something, and moved to the cemented parking lot to change into dryer clothes.


With my hot sweaty red face my kegs look more white than they already are.

Lesson learned: Arrive earlier next year, rain or shine, to get the cemented parking lot or take my parents 4wheel drive vehicle.

Rather than going home to take a nice warm shower, we drove another 40 miles to Davis and went to Woodstocks Pizza.

I’m in love with Woodstocks. The Davis location also has this fancy soda vending machine that gave me seven different options for the flavor of my Sprite Zero and two options for my rootbeer. After stuffing my face, we drove back home and I finally got my warm shower, put on comfy pants and fell asleep on the sofa. Until I had to get up for the next adventure of dinner with the in-laws.

#sweataday: It’s like heroin…but better.


I’ve never used heroin. Heck, I’ve never seen it in real life. The emptied needles I’ve seen in gutters or venue parking lots don’t count. But from my understanding its crazy addicting and makes even the most sane person do stuff they normally wouldn’t do to get it.

#sweataday is like that.

I can be super tired or not feeling well because of my locomotive belly, but it doesn’t matter. I have to post my Sweat A Day picture/video. Whether it’s 2 minutes of a routine or 20 minutes. I still do it. It makes me do crazy things… Like actually do it every day!!

I’ve mentioned it a few times before but for those that don’t know what Sweat A Day is…Shauna Harrison hosts a #sweataday challenege that’s sponsored through Under Armour. I follow on Instagram but you can also follow along via Twitter too. It’s simple, Shauna posts a picture/tutorial of what the day’s excercise will be, then shortly followed by a video of her doing said move.

The rules are just as easy. Anyone can participate, do the excercise to your own ability (the duration and level is up to you). Post a picture/video of you doing the move and post it on facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #sweataday and tag @shaunaharrison, @underarmour and @underarmourwomen. At the end of each week, Shauna picks a few winners (I’ve seen it range from 3-7 winners) and those winners get a UA swag bag! I’m not sure exactly how it’s decided what comes in the swag bag but the people who have won already posted their swag bag prizes which include: UA shoes, 1-3 UA tops, 1-2 bottoms and an UA duffle bag.

Regardless of how its picked, I think the swag bag loot is awesome and I can only hope that one day I’ll win one! I missed out on January’s S.A.D because I didn’t know about it until the last week of the month. I have done every single sweataday since February and I don’t plan on stopping….even if I win a swag bag!

I already won a tank (photoed above) but in the end…it’s not about winning stuff ok, sometimes it is it’s about getting your heart moving and a little sweat.

I’m flatlinning on the excercise front and the whole eating right. With my stupid hip flexor strain keeping me from running and my belly hurting again, I don’t want to do anything else. I just havent been in the mood for it, but if sweataday keeps me moving even briefly, it’s ok by me.

So, Thanks for that Shauna.

Race Recap: Brazen Racing – Badger Cove

This time two years ago, I ran a St. Patty themed road race. It was in the middle of town, cold and a little boring. I just remember thinking that I wanted to veer off course to Los Pericos and continuously had the repeated montra going through my head….is this done yet?

This year….things were a little bit different.

This year I spent my St. Patrick’s Day weekend with my fellow Brazenites at Badger Cove. I’ll skip the normal blog routine of telling about my morning and heading straight to waiting by the parks payphone…yes, they still exist!, while I waited for J.
It was a glorious day. It was slightly cold with a crisp breeze but the sun was out and soon to be heating up, so what more could you ask for? After hanging out with the endangered species (the payphone), J and I went over to pick up our bibs.

Yes Folks, we didn’t do early bib pickup this time either and it still went ok. I got my bib, t-shirt and goodie bag before heading over to the shoe donation box. I gave away three pairs, so hopefully someone can get some good use out of them since I never did. We we went back to the car, dropped off the goodie bags and started to get ready.

As I was tying my shoes, “That girl,” came over and we chatted a bit, which was nice. That’s when I found out that most of the people I know we’re going to run Bagder Cove with some sort of injury.

We’re either stupid or badgerasses.

We made our way to the starting line and did a few pre race stretches, photos and goofing off. As Sam let the 10k’ers loose, that was when J and I went over to drop our stuff off at sweat check. As the wind picked up and it got slightly more chilly, it was then that I forgot to use my inhaler. Lung be damned! So, rather than sweatcheck, we just walked back to the car to drop off our stuff and take a few Xopenex puffs because…ya know, I didn’t feel like not being able to breath any time soon.

After a bunch of back and forth walking, I was pretty warmed up and ready to go. We lined up, I turned my iPod on (it was fully charged this time!!!), and started up Garfield. I was highly shocked when I got GPS within 2 seconds. No joke….2 seconds!

Mr. Brazen began our countdown and soon enough, I’m crossing the starting line and running out with the lot of them.

I hit a bottleneck and slowed to a walk. I told J that I was done, giggled, made it out the bottleneck and bobbed and weaved around people. The first 1/8ish mile was on the paved path between the parking lot and lake. I crossed the boat ramp and straight onto the dirt path. The dirt traik was the width of a fireroad which was nice because it allowed plenty of space to get around people. However, it was also gravelly. It’s very tiring running on gravel. I think more muscles are used to keep you steady.

The difference of road and trail races, are that road races are usually flat paved courses that don’t take any additional effort, but usually boring because its just building after building, with a few intersection and gas stations in between. Trail races are sooooo much better because the scenery is just absolutely beautiful. On the downside, it’s so much exhausting because likei mentioned, you are working harder just to keep from slipping on rocks, jumping over holes, climbing up dirt hill.

All and all, trail running has an Utopian effect.
I did wear my new, New Balance Trail shoes and I felt so much more confident when running the different/uneven dirt/rocky surfaces. I can totally tell the traction difference between my 860 trail and 860 road shoes. I’m glad for that purchase!

Anyway, about 1/4 in was a hill. There was one or two small ones that I already passed but were easy enough that I didn’t consider them hills. So, when I reached the hill at 1/4 ish miles, I did my best. My calfs were feeling a little sore and I was only able to make it 75% up before I walked the rest. I figured it was better to do that because if my calves were tired now, they would be useless on the return. I also tried to save some energy for my hip flexor. I got to the top of the hill and started running again. The first mile marker appeared the same time the water station did.

I opted to skip the water station and just have a drink of the water I had with me on my hydration belt. Despite there being a ton of people and my decision probably wouldn’t have mattered, I figured to skip the water stop because the first water stop for the 5k, 10k and half marathon runners was also the second water stop for the 5k, the third (?) for the 10k and both the third (?) and fifth (?) for the half. As it was now getting warmer, I figured the 10k/half runners could use that Dixie cup a lot more than I needed it.

I drank my own water and continued on my way towards the turn around….which actually arrived sooner than I expected, just after the second hill that I was only able to run up 50% before needing to walk the rest. I high fived Mountain Bob (that was his name, right?) and began the fun part of running down the hill. I continued running until the water stop, which again, skipped by drank my own water.

By the third mile, I was getting tired and did a rotation between a run and walk. I ran the flats, walked the base of the hills, tried to run up them, walked the top then ran down. Rinse and repeat. I made it back to the boat ramp (pavement) and felt like I couldn’t go anymore. My hip started getting tired (it lasted a long time without pain!!!), so although the finish line arch was in my sights, I walked for a few feet then forced myself to run the rest.

I was soooo close to being under 40, but it didn’t happen. I blame the hills. I finished in 40:13. The good news, my hip wasn’t nearly as in pain as it was at previous runs. I didn’t start walking funny until later that night when I went grocery shopping. Score one for progress. Hey, its something.


I picked up my medal, grabbed a muscle milk and took some mandatory post race photos. J and I didn’t hang out long because we both were hungry.
On the way to lunch, we stopped off at the Under Armour outlet. Bad decision.
I got a mighty fine bonus at work and it was hard to not spend it all there. Don’t worry, I didn’t. I only spent $166 of it there. I got some mailman looking shorts, a lightweight sweatshirt, a pair of running shorts and three of the best damned tank tops ever made. The victory tank is the best one to run in. It doesn’t move or get covered in sweat. It’s fantastic. I have one in every color and you won’t see me at a race in anything but the UA Victory tanks (ok, there were like 4 runs that I’ve done in non tanks, but you get the idea). By the time we were in the Nike outlet, I was getting even more hungry so what better way to finish a race and some shopping with an egg burger from Red Robin? The egg burger is the Royal Red Robin Burger that has a fried egg on top. Trust me, I never would have ordered this a year or so ago but got it by accident and didn’t want to be that person to send food back so I ate it and havent ordered another burger since. It’s that good.

As I was starving and my mouth watering, our waiter brought out our food only for me to realize that they put blue cheese crumbles on mine.
1. Eww and 2. I had to be that person and send it back, only because I’m “allergic” (it contains gluten). It just made me even hungrier that I had to wait longer, but the minute my new correctly made burger came out…everything was right in the world.
After stuffing my face with my beloved egg burger, we went to Sports Authority (I got an armband to hold my phone while running) and R.E.I (some injini socks to test out), before J and I parted ways. It was a busy morning but fun none the less.

But all this talk about egg burgers is making me hungry, so I’m cutting this short and going to make some dinner.

Do you prefer trail or road races?

For my next blog adventures….
03.16.14, 16:02
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Coming soon to a blog near you! The explanation as to why trail running is a lot harder than road running, but a bazillion times better.

Also, why I shouldn’t be allowed in Under Armour outlet stores and how egg burgers make everything alright.


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